Canadian Lean Construction Certification Program

Lean Construction Institute of Canada (LCI-C) is rolling out a Lean training and certification program to encourage Lean project delivery (LPD) capabilities across Canada. The program will provide training in identified core Lean competencies and includes a certification process to recognize the accomplishments of Lean practitioners. The goal of the certification program is to recognize practitioners that develop skills in LPD, enabling them to achieve better outcomes in their work and projects. There are three certification levels available through the LCI-C Canadian Lean Construction Certification Program.

 Level One – Lean Project Delivery Fundamentals

Applicants will have developed a good understanding of the business case for LPD, learned the basic principles of value and creating flow, identify and give examples of the eight types of wastes, how reliable and predictable work flow improves the throughput of a production system.

  • Online exam.
  • Competencies

    The applicant shall understand the following:

    • Why Lean?
    • What is “Lean culture”?
    • How is LPD different from traditional projects?
    • What are the eight types of waste?
    • What are the basic Lean tools that can be applied?
  • Training Requirements

    The applicant will have completed a recommended minimum of 10 hours of formal Lean training. The following are suggested options for developing capabilities:

    • AGC Modules 1 to 3;
    • Recognized Lean training;
    • Work at a company implementing Lean strategies;
    • Online courses, webinars, videos;
    • LCI or LCI-C conferences and seminars;
    • Lean Communities of Practice events & tours.

Level Two – Lean Project Coordinator

Level 2 certification is for applicants that have developed competencies in Lean Project Delivery and have experience coordinating and implementing Lean methods and tools within their organization and on projects.

  • Proctored in-person exam.
  • Competencies

    Applicants will have completed Level 1 certification and attended formalized training on the last planner system (LPS) and target value delivery (TVD) within a collaborative environment and have experience with:

    • Developing a high-performing team;
    • LPS or equivalent implementation;
    • TVD implementation;
    • Supply chain management;
    • Prefabrication;
    • Other Lean tools: value stream mapping (VSM), 3P, A3 Thinking, choosing by advantage (CBA), study action team (SAT), 5S, 5 WHYs, PDCA.
  • Training Requirements

    The applicant will have completed a minimum of 50 hours of Lean training and have completed a Lean project or equivalent work experience (1,500 hours, application supported by references). The following are recommended options for developing capabilities:

    • AGC Modules 4 to 7;
    • LPS boot camp;
    • TVD workshops;
    • Participation in LCI-C national conferences or local Lean training events;
    • Participation in training on Lean methods and tools.

Level Three – Lean Project Facilitator

Level 3 certification is for applicants who have developed advanced competencies in Lean project delivery and have experience leading project teams to successful completion on multiple projects and helped build Lean capacity in the construction industry.

  • Proctored, in-person exam.
  • Competencies

    The applicants will have achieved Level 2 certification and have the capabilities to lead teams to successful implementation of LPD systems and tools including:

    • Assembling a high-performing team;
    • Creating and sustaining a collaborative team environment;
    • Leading the LPS or equivalent implementation;
    • TVD implementation;
    • Optimizing supply chain management;
    • Utilizing prefabrication;
    • Problem solving skills utilizing VSM, A3 Thinking, 5 WHYs, PDCA;
    • Decision-making tools: CBA, A3 Thinking;
    • Workplace practices: 5S, Kanban;
    • Demonstrated successful delivery of Lean projects or workplace Lean initiatives.
  • Training Requirements

    The applicants will have completed a minimum of 100 hours of Lean training plus have practical experience on the equivalent of three significant projects (4,500 hours, application supported by references). The following are recommended options for developing capabilities:

    • Leadership courses in communications, team building and facilitation;
    • VSM;
    • CBA;
    • Setting up the Big Room;
    • Integrated design;
    • 3P, 5S & 5 WHYs;
    • TAKT time management;
    • Prefab and supply chain management.