Call for Lean Project Champions

Lean Construction Institute of Canada (LCI-C) wants to identify Lean Project Champions, leaders in Lean who consistently demonstrate leadership, challenging their teams to implement Lean processes to achieve quantifiable results. These leaders have an uncanny knack for convincing the team that they will be more successful working collaboratively to deliver an exceptional project and for keeping the team focused on the ultimate goal – best practice performance.

There are facilitators out there achieving paradigm shift levels of improvement, innovations, collaboration and exceptional application of Lean methods and tools that need to be recognized. We want to celebrate those winning strategies that eliminate waste, create flow and transform conventional construction practices one project at a time.


Recognition at the LCI-C Conference

The top Lean Project Champions will be recognized at the LCI-C conference held April 24 – 26, 2018 in Vancouver.


Nomination Deadline March 30, 2018

Send your nomination to Ron Cruikshank by March 30, 2018.

Include the following points:

  • Lean initiative/project name c/w team lead(s)
  • Initiative/project scope and approximate date
  • Primary team members and method used for establishing the team (if applicable)
  • Major tools used. Highlight the most successful tools and the largest constraints to the project
  • Innovative solutions used, if any, and how they improved project outcomes
  • Metrics used to track and measure project performance
  • Photos if available

Please note that submissions will be made available on our website and other public formats.