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The Lean Construction Institute of Canada conference is supported by a number of firms in the Canadian construction industry.


2017 Conference Sponsors

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BIM Modelling Services for Lean Construction

Building information modelling (BIM) combines traditional computer-aided design (CAD) with 3D modelling to improve the building design process. BIM software unifies visual information with data specifications to provide a united view of all project components.

As one of the country’s first companies to adopt BIM, Ehvert has become Canada’s leader in the field. Developed over many years, our unique skillset enables us to create virtual building models with a much higher level of detail than is typically used in the North American construction industry. Ehvert leverages these models to improve coordination between building trades, compress project schedules, accurately estimate project budgets, and reduce cost and schedule overruns.

Lean construction is devoted to improving efficiency and removing waste through project lifecycles. BIM is integral to this process. Its benefits span from the design & pre-construction phase, by providing design validation and accurate cost estimates, to the construction phase, where automated layouts and virtual models facilitate trade coordination and increase the speed of implementation. Detailed models ensure that budgeting and scheduling efforts are performed thoroughly and accurately, greatly reducing the potential of cost overages or delays compared to the traditional construction model. This results in a significant reduction of unbudgeted changes and largely diminishes uncertainty and risk.

Our unique approach to applying BIM throughout our projects has achieved significant savings for our clients. Particularly on complex projects, such as manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and data centres, we have been able to achieve labour savings of 30-50%, reduce schedules by more than 25%, and vastly improve the quality of the finished product.

Find out more about Ehvert’s services on our website and through our informational videos.


Thanks for a Great Conference

Turner Construction Company and Clark Builders would like to thank LCI-C for the opportunity to sponsor the LCI-C conference this year, in addition to providing a platform where we could share upon our own experiences and our Lean journey.

The turnout this year was fantastic, as were the trainers and speakers engaged. We are very eager to continue being a part of developing a Lean culture across Canada with our industry peers and new Lean practitioners. Furthermore, we are greatly looking forward to an even larger LCI-C conference turnout in 2018 with added constructors, designers, consultants and owners.