Lean Construction Institute – Canada

The Lean Construction Institute – Canada (LCI-C) was established in 2015 as a special committee of the Canadian Construction Association to help transform the building industry in Canada by making a difference in how projects are planned, designed and managed, in all forms of project delivery.

Lean Construction embodies the principles of Lean, and can help deliver construction projects more efficiently, while increasing productivity in all aspects of a project. Its principles are already being utilized in other industries, and projects around the world are benefiting from the use of Lean Construction.

LCI-C is dedicated to sharing and promoting Lean Construction principles in all aspects of building, including new approaches to planning and control, the use of cross-functional teams, the utilization of modeling in project definition and design, and new tools for production workflow in construction.

Through Communities of Practice and its national membership, LCI-C is dedicated to transforming the Canadian building industry by making it worker smarter, faster, and leaner.


To foster a culture of continuous improvement in the planning, design and construction industry through the adoption of lean principles


To see Lean philosophy and techniques routinely adopted across the planning, design and construction industry.


  • To develop the environment to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • To deliver education training;
  • To deliver a certification/accreditation program;
  • To challenging conventional thinking; and
  • To create industry awareness.


LCI-C has a Governing Council with two Co-Chairs, one of which must be appointed by CCA-National.  The Governing Council also has representation from Owners, Design Professionals, and the Contracting community, and members-at-large.


Membership in LCI-C is open to any individuals and firms interested in gaining a competitive advantage in their respective industry sector. By joining the Institute, members have access to a network of Lean practitioners across Canada, and discounted access to training, seminars, workshops, and the annual LCI-C Conference.

Find out more about membership here.