Course Accreditation

To facilitate and promote Lean education across Canada, the Lean Construction Institute of Canada (LCI-C) invites all course and education providers to have their training courses added to the Lean Construction Institute of Canada Accredited Course list.

Lean practitioners and students across Canada will be able to refer to the list for course offerings in their region and in their area of interest.

The primary objective of accreditation is to help prospective students or Lean practitioners to identify academic offerings that provide the appropriate education to assist in the transformation of the Canadian building and design industries through education.

The accredited course list will provide LCI-C members with easy access to a list of course providers for Lean and Lean Project Delivery. It also allows course providers to be recognized as providing the appropriate Lean/Lean Project Delivery training that will be applicable for member certification.

Accreditation Application

For Course Providers

LCI-C will not make any specific recommendation to members in regards to the course providers that are listed. It will be the responsibility of each member to investigate the appropriateness of a course program to suit the needs of the member.

In order for course providers to be listed on the LCI-C website, they must submit their Lean/Lean Project Delivery training through the online accreditation form for approval.

The process for submitting courses for approval is as follows:

  • an online portal has been developed by LCI-C for course providers to be able to submit training courses for review
  • each training course must be submitted individually
  • the Trainer Evaluation Taskforce will review and approve each course on its standalone merits
  • the Taskforce will assign an appropriate level of hours for each course that would be applicable for certification
  • Course providers, upon approval, can note that their course is LCI-C certified with respect to the number of available hours that can be applied to individual certification requirements

In recognition that course evaluation takes effort on the part of LCI-C, a review fee will be charged for each course that trainers submit. This fee will be reviewed and set by the LCI-C board on an annual basis, upon recommendation by the Trainer Evaluation Taskforce.

Accreditation Application