Communities of Practice

The Lean Construction Institute (LCI-C) was founded to develop and disseminate knowledge regarding the management of work and projects. The practices flowing from this research often appear counterintuitive. They call for a new common sense, a shared understanding in the community — where else, how else could sense become common? LCI-C Communities of Practice (CoP) are where this emerging community meets and a sense is forged. At their best, local CoP provide a meeting ground where people can gather, learn, connect, and explore the ramifications of these ideas both for their own organizations and the larger industry.

Local, self-forming CoP help owners, designers and contractors understand and find their way in the Lean world. The invitation is open to all project participants to meet together as local user groups to explore and develop these ideas as they work together.

About Presentations and Videos

Presentations and videos are available for some of the meetings. CoP meetings typically are open to the public. To explore becoming a Member of LCI-C, please visit Member Categories and Benefits for more information.

Starting a Community of Practice

To start a CoP, LCI-C asks that those who are interested first create a Core Group. This group will determine how their region will benefit from the formation of a CoP. If the Core Group provides a compelling case that justifies CoP formation, then LCI-C will ask the Core Group to propose a CoP mission that focuses the CoP and supports LCI-C’s mission. With an agreed-upon CoP mission in hand, the Core Group will develop more detailed region-based goals and objectives. Then, LCI-C asks the Core Group to strategically plan CoP actions and events that would enable the CoP to achieve its goals and objectives. Ideally, the Core Group will use various lean principles and techniques to guide this strategic planning effort.

Core Groups are responsible for ensuring that CoP activities and events: (1) are fiscally responsible, (2) maintain programmatic integrity (i.e., they support the mission of LCI-C and the CoP), and (3) are value-adding, that is non-commercial. We want to focus on topics that help members deepen their understanding of lean construction through knowledge and/or skill development. This can be tricky at times so some care needs be taken. Ideally, a Core Group represents a cross-section of project participants (e.g., owners, designers, contractors and trades) and a cross-section of companies at different stages in the lean journey. After accepting the CoP’s Core Group, LCI-C will work closely with each Core Group to turn their strategic plan into a reality.

Interested in Starting a CoP in Your Region?

If you are interested in starting a Community of Practice in your region, LCI-C Council members can provide helpful advice and information on the best way to get started.

In order to facilitate CoPs across Canada, the following individuals can be contacted in their respective regions:

Yukon/British ColumbiaLCI-C
Alberta/Northwest Territories/NunavutJason Deboski
Saskatchewan/ManitobaKen Smith
OntarioEric Lee
Atlantic CanadaArt Winslow

Community of Practice Membership

Anyone who attends a CoP event is considered a CoP member. There are no dues for CoP membership. However, we encourage CoP members to become LCI-C members by visiting our online Individual Membership Application to officially join the LCI-C community, qualify for LCI-C CoP event discounts, and more. Join the journey to transform the design and construction industry by becoming an LCI-C member today!