Eric Lusis

National Lean Manager, PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.

Eric Lusis has over 22 years of construction experience with an emphasis on scheduling, closeout, and Lean design & construction practices. His responsibilities include the implementation and management of quality, scheduling, and Lean design & construction initiatives throughout PCL operations in the U.S. and Canada. He has played an intricate role in developing and implementing PCL’s last planner system (LPS) for design and construction.

While Eric wears many hats, he specializes in working with project teams to identify and develop solutions for project inefficiencies using Lean techniques such as root cause analysis, rapid improvement events, value stream mapping and LPS. Eric was on PCL’s first project to heavily utilize the LPS and was pulled out of operations three years ago to focus on operations support with PCL’s quality and Lean initiatives.

08:30 — Advancing Lean Bootcamp

Eric Lusis
David MacKay
Brian McEachern

Montréal CD (11e étage)

Are you wondering how you can use Lean thinking in your organization or on a project? The design and construction industry is seeing reduced costs, improved profitability, improved schedule reliability and increased employee engagement. The Lean community is also seeing these benefits for owners and service providers. 

This one-day bootcamp will help you gain a clear understanding of what Lean is all about. By the end of the day, you will have a better understanding of flow efficiency, value, waste, pull and the value stream. You will see how principles and behaviors such as collaboration, continuous improvement and respect for people drive the Lean processes and supply chains. And you will be introduced to several methods and tools available to apply a Lean solution.