Ming Tian

Acting Director, Facility Projects, Calgary Board of Education

Min Tian’s previous work experience includes facility team leader, facility operations supervisor, project manager and project coordinator. Eight years of combined experience in project management, facility management, design and construction related roles has enabled Ming to use a Lean lens to resolve issues in facility services and project management. Ming is the leader of lean team with Calgary Board of Education and owners’ representative in the core group of Lean CoP with Calgary Construction Association. Ming has a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering, and he is certified as Project Management Professional (PMP), Facility Management Professional (FMP) and Professional Engineer (P.Eng.).

11:15 — Win-Win Lean Work and Employee Engagement

Ming Tian

Saint-Antoine (9e étage)

Calgary Board of Education (CBE) started its Lean journey in June 2016. Starting from zero without any external help can be challenging, however, CBE chose to build the Lean culture as the foundation to start the Lean journey. To tackle the massive continuous improvement demands and expectations, CBE adopted a way of achieving small-step improvements using project management procedures. In 3 years, Lean projects have been started, executed and completed. Success stories prove a win-win situation for Lean journey and employee engagement.