Bonita Matushewski

Chief Executive Officer, LTS Consulting

Bonita Matushewski has over a decade of professional experience as a Lean leader. She has worked with manufacturers, the agriculture industry, educational institutions, government, and the healthcare sector. Within those industries she has worked with maintenance departments, green houses, construction companies, food producers, long-term care facilities, labs, hospitals, physician offices, colleges, universities and hundreds of administrative departments. Bonita either helped lead them to becoming Lean organizations, or she and her team partnered with them while they led, guided, coached and mentored frontline staff and leaders in transformational change. Bonita has spoken internationally and nationally and holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt as well as two degrees and a project management designation. Her career started out in government because her goal was always to make things better. She quickly learned that government was not always the place for that to happen! She was recruited into the quality improvement industry, where she worked for a number of years before starting her own consulting company.

11:15 — How You Can Transform Your Business with Lean

Bonita Matushewski

Saint-Antoine (9th floor)

Lean is a transformative practice that changes the way businesses operate and is based on three critical pillars: leadership, capacity, and infrastructure. Any organization can implement Lean and commit to the transformational journey. This session will show how such journeys have transformed – and sometimes failed to transform – many clients.