Brian McEachern

National Lean Manager, PCL Construction

Brian McEachern joined PCL in 2011 after spending 11 years in the manufacturing industry. He started with PCL as a project coordinator and then moved on to project manager where he has been involved in numerous projects from interior renovations to restaurants to industrial projects. Brian is now the national Lean manager for PCL where he can use the knowledge he has gained throughout his career in both manufacturing and construction to help PCL project teams add value to their various clients and stakeholders.  He holds a diploma in Architectural Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Certificate of Management – Lean Construction from the AGC of America, and Certificate of Lean Executive Leadership from the University of Kentucky.

08:30 — Advancing Lean Bootcamp

Eric Lusis
David MacKay
Brian McEachern

Montreal CD (11th floor)

Are you wondering how you can use Lean thinking in your organization or on a project? The design and construction industry is seeing reduced costs, improved profitability, improved schedule reliability and increased employee engagement. The Lean community is also seeing these benefits for owners and service providers. 

This one-day bootcamp will help you gain a clear understanding of what Lean is all about. By the end of the day, you will have a better understanding of flow efficiency, value, waste, pull and the value stream. You will see how principles and behaviors such as collaboration, continuous improvement and respect for people drive the Lean processes and supply chains. And you will be introduced to several methods and tools available to apply a Lean solution.