Carla Ciepliski

Carla Ciepliski is an industrial engineer and improvement consultant with over 20 years of multi-sector and industry experience including nearly 5 years in construction.  She helps companies along their transformational journey by improving business performance and building systems to achieve results and improve the working culture.  Carla’s career was grounded at Procter & Gamble where there was a ‘best in class’ application of tools, methodologies and innovations occurring at every level and location within the business.  Inside this corporate environment, she held key leadership roles in multiple cities across North America before returning to western Canada.  As of 2018, Carla will have spent 11 years as an improvement consultant with a diversity of experiences, leveraging the Lean philosophy as the most successful influence for positive change and growth.  At present, Carla is inspired to fuel the Lean Design & Construction movement in Canada; and is energized by the growing number of businesses who are choosing to embrace it.

16:15 — Connections That Enhance Project Collaboration: Lean in Design, Advanced Work Packaging and Last Planner System

Carla Ciepliski
Jennifer Glatz

Saint-Antoine (9th floor)

Effective collaboration is essential to achieve excellence across the entire project life cycle. Today, chronic disconnects and stagnation of information flow exists between owners, consultants, and contractors; impacting the performance for all. This session will explore amending this flow using synergies between Lean in Design, Advanced Work Packaging, and the Last Planner™ System, which are applicable regardless of the project type.