Jennifer Glatz

Jennifer Glatz is a Project Management Professional, with over 13 years of project experience in the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) industry. Her mechanical engineering background and international experience in large scale industrial projects in oil & gas and refining has helped her develop a strong understanding of the collaboration challenges and opportunities in the design and construction industry. Recently, Jennifer has been focused on leading the implementation of Lean/Agile in Design framework and Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) within her active projects. This experience has identified the urgent need for further implementation of collaborative framework across the industry. As a result, Jennifer started proCollab Consulting Ltd., which focuses on helping clients enhance their team collaboration in design as part of their overall Lean journey.

16:15 — Connections That Enhance Project Collaboration: Lean in Design, Advanced Work Packaging and Last Planner System

Carla Ciepliski
Jennifer Glatz

Saint-Antoine (9th floor)

Effective collaboration is essential to achieve excellence across the entire project life cycle. Today, chronic disconnects and stagnation of information flow exists between owners, consultants, and contractors; impacting the performance for all. This session will explore amending this flow using synergies between Lean in Design, Advanced Work Packaging, and the Last Planner™ System, which are applicable regardless of the project type.