Markku Allison

Vice President, Strategy + Innovation, Chandos Construction

Markku Allison has over 35 years experience both as an award-winning designer and as a thought-leader on design and construction industry transformation issues. His background as a practice owner and industry subject matter expert with strong relationships across disciplines and organizations uniquely positions him to assist in shaping responsive strategies to forces driving change in business and culture today.

Markku’s current role is Chandos’ VP of Strategy + Innovation. He is the immediate past-president of the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance (IPDA) in Canada. Under his leadership, IPDA sponsored the research studies “IPD: Performance, Expectations, and Future Use” and “Motivation and Means: How and Why IPD and Lean Lead to Project Success.” He also served on the core group in development of IPDA’s recent “IPD: An Action Guide for Leaders.” Markku has held positions at the American Institute of Architects, where he was instrumental in developing the AIA’s Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide; as well as a range of other influential industry resources and white papers.

10:15 — Workplanning: Leveraging Last Planner to Improve Personal Productivity

Markku Allison

Saint-Antoine (9th floor)

The industry has used the Last Planner System to improve scheduling by helping teams make reliable commitments – but almost exclusively in the field. Many firms would benefit significantly by bringing workplanning and reliable promising into in-office activities. This session addresses the importance of personal workplanning, benefits to individuals and organizations, and shares strategies learned advising design and construction firms on productivity.