Robert Bourdages

Principal, Structural Engineer, Stantec 

Robert Bourdages is a structural engineer who has practiced building design along the U.S. west coastal states, and in British Columbia and Alberta. He has provided the structural design of buildings in many geographic areas and has managed multi-disciplined design projects. He has worked in Seattle, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Robert is a Principal with Stantec Consulting Ltd. in Vancouver and is currently the design Project Manager YVR CORE Program, a major infrastructure project at the Vancouver Airport.

14:00 — Application of Integrated Design and Lean Construction Methods at the Vancouver Airport

Robert Bourdages
Quin MacKenzie

Saint-Antoine (9th floor)

Lean construction and integrated design principles are being applied to a $587million infrastructure project at the airport in Vancouver. The owner, project management team, construction management team, and design team are collaborating to support the design and construction, while achieving optimized and sustainable performance targets. The project is advancing rapidly as tender packages are sequentially delivered while design progresses.